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Support Lismore is a grass-roots, not for profit project. When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, when social distancing was a very new and unfamiliar term.. I heard members of parliment talking about a ‘lockdown’ and business owners talking more and more about the uncertain future they were facing. 

Support Lismore was born from this. In an attempt to reduce misinformation, help promote local business, support local economy and help #reducethespread by encouraging members of the community to stay at home and self isolate. Delivery was a convenient and contact free option, highlighted within the project.

One of my favourite features of this site was the ability to search via delivery method. I wanted it to be super easy for people to see what delivery methods people were offering (home delivery, pickup, online etc).

The site itself is quite function heavy – I wanted it to be fairly automated, so having the ability for people add add their own listings was essential. Having each listing managed by their own user allows easy updating whenever changes to operating might occur. This keeps everything super relevant.

The listings are manually approved to ensure quality / relevance, but listing pages are automated heavily using limitations on amount of imagery and automatically resizing images to optimal size upon upload.

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